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Permainan Online Gratis di Facebook

Saya yakin anda semua punya akun facebook, nah... kali ini saya akan memberikan informasi game-game yang pasti disuka gamer perempuan, dan semua permainan tersebut bisa langsung dimainkan online, langsung, tanpa download dan tanpa perlu mendaftar lagi, cukup login di facebook - klik ke Aplikasi - Main deh :)

Daftar Gamenya ...

Ravenwood Fair
Suka sama hewan peliharaan ? bangun dunia yang penuh dengan hewan Ak binatang lucu dalam game ini ...

Create a home within a wild forest and build a beautiful fair. Customize your world, select from many buildings, decorations and games, and welcome a wide range of distinct visitors to Ravenwood.

Pet Society
silahkan buat dan pelihara binatang peliharaan kamu sendiri ... aku nggak ikut-ikut :P << emang siapa yg ngajak .. GR :P bleh

In the world of Pet Society, it's non stop fun for you and your pet!
You can...
- decorate your house and garden
- share gifts and visit friends
- shop for stylish clothes and furniture
- go fishing, cook meals or race in the stadium
- hunt for treasure
- earn coins to buy your favorite things

Social City
Bangun kota impianmu ... bangun... hey ... !! jangan melongo mulu ... :) hiks

Build and run your own virtual city. Create the perfect place for the people that call it home, and you’ll become the most loved and revered mayor of all time!

Totally Spies! Fashion Agents
Permainan berpakaian fashion ... sekaligus jadi agen mata-mata yang fashionistas ... hmmmm

The game Totally Spies! Fashion Agents is inspired by the television series Totally Spies! You’re a student at Mali-U University, and the undercover organization WOOHP has recruited you as a student spy.
Through training, you'll perfect your technique in order to accomplish missions and save the world. Through the experience points that you win, you'll rise up through the levels and reach the highest ranking in “Fashion Agents”.
Know that three spies are better than one! For more fun, recruit your team of ultimate spies for group missions and win more points. When you return from a mission, you can expand your wardrobe, decorate your apartment, take care of your pets, and see your friends, including Sam, Alex and Clover, the Totally Spies!
Totally Spies! Fashion Agents, save the world with your friends!

Football Life
Sekarang kaum wanita banyak yang demam bola ... ayo cc kita main bola :)

Football Life is the best social football management game around. You can form a team with your friends and learn how you can build a strong and unique team of your own. This is more like an RPG game; the efforts of each member of your team will count.
- You can explore a number of leagues around the world to learn their unique Football styles
- Our sophisticated training system will make you the player you want to be
- The real time matching system will enable real time interactions with friends
- Your friends actually play in your team and their efforts are reflected in the game
- AI-based matching provides you with wonderful entertaining experience
You can also help children in need around the world by playing Football Life!
Under a collaboration agreement with the Korean Committee for UNICEF, we donate 10% of our net profit of total item sales to the Korean Committee for UNICEF!

Restaurant City
Permainan mengelola restoran, kemampuan manajerial dan memasak kamu dibutuhkan disini ...

WELCOME to Restaurant City! Cafe, bistro, diner or eatery - what's your style? Play with your friends and cook up a storm!

Cooking Mama
Game bantu mama masak masakan ... sayang masakannya ngga bisa dimakan :)

Become a Master Chef with everyone’s favorite Mama!
Finally, Cooking Mama has landed on Facebook! Come join your friends and help Mama cook. With all new recipes, ingredients, mini-games and goals, Cooking Mama is better than ever with a social flare!
Set up your own menu and serve your friends out of your very own restaurant! Just make sure to listen to Mama. When it comes to cooking, Cooking Mama always knows best!

Country Story
Game yang jauhin kamu dari stress ... katanya sih :D selamat main game ternak dan kebun lagi :D

Get away from it all in Country Story and forget the stresses of everyday life. Enjoy the tranquil pleasures of your very own country farm and home. Tend to your crops and animals, visit your friends' farm and breathe in the fresh country air. Play now and join the farming fun!

Fashion World
Game fashion n yang pasti permainan ini game berpakaian ... :P eh ... salah ding ... kamu jadi manajer toko baju ...

Have your own Fashion Store! Create the clothes, put them on the stands, and try to sell them to your customers by hiring friends and adding dressers. Decorate your store to be cooler than others!

Game horor zombie ... kamu pasti takut maininnya :S hiiiiiii hik ... becanda ... lucu dan seru kok :)

BRAAAINS is the best Zombie game to grace Facebook ever! So epic and fun... you'll never want to leave your zombies.


Mainan tank online and seru, game ini sepertinya mirip gunbound atau worms (belum nyoba mainin sori :))

Dalam permainan ini, kamu bisa milih pekerjaan (tukang kebun, tukang bunga, tukang bikin parfum), mainan game mini lainnya, mendapatkan coin dan mendekorasi rumah, main game berpakaian dan mendandani karakter avatarmu ... asyik baaanget ... :)

Freesia City is the place where flowers grows and life blooms. In this city, fun and work merge seamlessly.
You can:
1. Choose one from three existing jobs: Gardener, Florist or Druid.
2. Play single-player mini games or challenge your friends in multiplayer mini games.
3. Gain Coins and decorate your house with grandiose design or simplistic minimalist furniture --it's your choice.
4. Dress up your Avatar and impress other Freesians.

Barn Buddy Game
Game berternak dan berkebun di fb

Play the best farm game on Facebook and become a Barn Buddy! Farming with fun! :)
Look after your own farm, help friends and grow crops together!
Work with friends or be naughty and steal their crops!


Game berkebun, dalam game ini kamu akan mengelola kebun dan bercocok tanam tanpa perlu takut kotor kena lumpur :D

Mahjong Trails
Siapa yang ngga bisa main mahjong? game ini di adopsi dari game tradisional china, cara mainnya cuman mencocokkan/menghubungkan gambar saja ... masa nggak bisa :)

We were the first to bring Mahjong to Facebook, now we bring you Mahjong Trails!

BOB's Spot the Difference
Game serupa tapi tak sama

Find the difference while viewing breath taking sceneries.
Challenge yourself, as it becomes harder as you go.
Give it your all, and you shall be awarded - Challenge Stage!
Compete with your friends for the highest score.

Salon Street
Manage and Grow your Salon on Salon Street

Dalam game ini tugas kamu mengelola dan memajukan salon kamu ... bisa ?!!

Dog Show Friends
Game memelihara hewan peliharaan (anjing), dalam permainan ini kamu akan memelihara hewan peliharaan virtual hingga menjadi anjing kecil lucu dan cantik, menghiasnya, kemudian pamerkan ke semua teman2mu

Welcome all you dog lovers to the Dog Show Friends game! To get started, all you and your friends need to do is pick a puppy and you are on your way. Playing, walking, grooming, training your dog could produce a champion, but keep in mind, a happy hound is already a winner!

OhMyDollz (Fashion Game)

Game fashion and berpakaian

I Wear Armani
Permainan dress up alias berdandan atau berpakaian, tapi aku blum nyoba ... :D

Dress Up Your Model with "I Wear Armani" Application

ini bukan game, tapi aplikasi ini memungkinkan kamu utk mendandani foto kamu beserta teman-teman kamu jadi agak aneh gitu ... !?!?! ... ehm...

Avatinis gives you cool and wacky clothes you can use to dress up your avatar. You can use your photo or your friend's photo and dress it up in strange and silly clothes for a nice laugh. You can also make your avatar wear awesome outfits to check out what you look like in them.

tambahan :
- Belum punya akun facebook? buat satu di sini, cara buat akun fb klik di sini
- Gamer cowokpun boleh dan pasti akan suka juga Game atau pemainan di atas :)
- Selamat Bermain !!!
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